Camping in Antarctica

One for the bucket list –  camping in Antarctica under the stars and experiencing the skies of the Southern Hemishpere
Camping in Antarctica with One Ocean Expeditions
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You have just finished up an amazing day filled with excursions, but the fun is not over! Enjoy a delicious dinner at your leisure, and then make your way to your cabin to pack a few layers. Meet up with your excursion leader and jump into a Zodiac for a run ashore with your sleeping bag. Here is your opportunity to camp for a night in Antarctica! Picture it… you are lying in your sleeping bag listening to the crackling and grumbling of glaciers, the splintering of icebergs and the soothing sounds of water and brash ice washing onto the beach. Perhaps you might even hear the blow of a whale, feeding in the bay. Who said that sleep would come easy? But when it does, you drift away knowing that you are breathing pristine air and experiencing something very few have experienced before. After your night ashore, it’s back to the ship so that you can enjoy a hot shower and a delicious breakfast.


For any passenger with an adventurous spirit and an ability to “rough-it” for a night, our Camping in Antarctica has proven very popular. Our experienced expedition team will select a camping site that is snow-covered and isolated from any breeding wildlife. You do not need to pre-book camping and there is no additional charge. There will be a mandatory safety briefing for all those participating in the camping excursion before going ashore for the night.


We provide all of the camping gear required for your night ashore. Although we do not expect night-time temperatures to drop below -2 or -3° Celsius, sleeping bags are rated to -15° degrees C. For the true experience of sleeping out under the midnight sun, we use a Gore-tex ‘bivvy bag’. Warmer than a tent and much easier to set up, the bivvy bag provides an insulated outer shell and doesn’t block out the incredible scenery all around you. Our high tech sleeping pads are more than a simple foam mat as they have a high insulating value, comfort and warmth. We even have a small ‘out-house’ tent, with port-a-loo.


You should prepare and dress for your night ashore as if it was any other off-ship excursion. You should also bring a dry pair of socks and a set of dry thermal underwear for sleeping. A good beanie/toque or warm hat really helps you to feel warm and cozy through the night. There is to be NO food or beverages other than your water bottle. Bring your camera – no one back home will believe you camped out in Antarctica!

Join us on one of our expeditions and try camping in Antarctica!

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