Your Ultimate Wildlife Expedition Cruise to Antarctica

Discover Antarctica on this twelve night wildlife expedition cruise.

Imagine you are waking up in the morning to icebergs in front of your cabin window. A visit to a penguin rookery or a whale-watching excursion are part of the day’s plan. After getting ready in your GILL suite you head to the gangway prepared on your trip for a lifetime on your ultimate wildlife expedition cruise.

Off the Beaten Track departures offers the unique opportunity to explore the Antarctic Peninsula in-depth and at your own pace with a variety of activities, suited for each age and fitness level.

Using our ship as a wilderness platform, responding to spontaneous wildlife sightings is part of the unique experience travelling with us.

By including the crossing of the Southern Ocean on this itinerary we experience the incredible nautical history and wildlife found in these diverse and sometimes tempestuous waters, not to mention rounding Cape Horn on our return north. Many species of albatross, petrels and skuas can be viewed as we approach the convergence – that magical invisible blending of the Northern and Southern Ocean currents. At this time of year whales and seals arrive to start their annual feast on Antarctic krill and penguins arrive by the thousands in rookeries to start rebuilding their nests.

Love outdoor activity? So do we. Only on this twelve-night voyage you can choose from a multitude of activities such as field photography workshops, expedition snowshoeing, camping, sea kayaking with an overnight camping option and ski touring. This voyage is one of the first of the season, and is met with pristine conditions following the heavy snowfall of the Antarctic winter.

With the highest staff to passenger ratio in the expedition cruise industry, we are able to offer the freedom of creating individual experiences every day. Our staff members are experts in their field and on each voyage you will travel with highly experienced ornithologists and naturalists beside photographers, historians and glacioglogists. On the ‘Off the Beaten Track’ departure, an extended number of staff is present to allow the unfolding of the enlarged programming to be as individual as possible.
Talk to these experts on the ship, at the dining table or during excursions with any questions you have about the Antarctic wildlife. Our staff is more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

This twelve-night wildlife expedition cruise visits many classic landing locations along the Antarctic Peninsula, including setting foot on the white continent itself. Find out the next available travel dates.

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