Highlights of an Antarctic Cruise Season

Antarctic Cruises – A Life Changing Experience

The Antarctic Peninsula is well known for it’s wildlife,  scientific importance and impressive iceberg formations which fascinate travellers from all over the world. Sea kayaking, hiking tours in the snow or improving your camera skills, Antarctic cruises offer something for everyone. The untouched and peaceful environment of Antarctica is the best place to let go, recharge your batteries and concentrate on nature and all its beauty. Let us share our ‘BEST OF’ travel experiences with you.

Camping under the Milky Way
Crackling and grumbling of glaciers. Splintering of icebergs. Brash ice washing onto the shore.  It is surreal.

Emperor Penguins along the Antarctic Peninsula

Once in a lifetime experiences. Antarctic cruises.

Whale Encounters
Whales glide majestically through the ocean along the Antarctic Peninsula, dividing the glassy surface of the ice-cold ocean. Snow-covered mountains, turquoise icebergs and the seemingly endless ocean are the background to this idyllic picture. Humpback whales and Minke whales are known to inspect sea kayaks and zodiacs curiously.

Antarctic Cruises

Creating Memories:
“We kayaked which was totally incredible. All the staff were faultless, fun, efficient and very professional and the onboard marine mammal scientists made it so much more than a “cruise” I will be an Ambassador for One Ocean Expeditions from now on! A huge thank you”. 

Antarctic cruises

A wedding in South Georgia
Tying the knot. South Georgia. Creating special moments.

Antarctic cruises

Collected ground breaking whale research
Whales. Antarctic cruises. Science.

Antarctic cruises

Young Explorers Expedition to Mt. Scott
Strength. Motivation. Young Explorers.

Antarctic cruises

Celebrating an Antarctic legend
John Dudeney. 50 years. Passion for Antarctica.

Antarctic cruises

Fast ice is not fast enough for One Ocean Expeditions.
Pulling up on fast ice. Going for a walk on fast ice.

ANtarctic cruises

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