Visiting the Polar Regions, Canada’s East Coast, Chile, Central America and the Islands of the North Atlantic just became easier.

One Year With RCGS Resolute

On October 16th, 2019, we celebrate a year with RCGS Resolute. It has been an amazing year, filled with adventures and experiences.

Who Are Our Expedition Leaders?

Meet Kaylan, one of our experienced Expedition Leaders. Kaylan was first introduced to One Ocean Expedition while she was working at a local cafe in Squamish, where the OOE shore office is located. She was slinging coffee when she struck up a conversation with the owner of our company. He was impressed by her experience,…

Highlights From Our 2019 Arctic Season

Guests were captivated by the abundance of wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes and poignant visits to historical sites and remote Inuit communities in Canada’s Arctic this past summer.

What is An Expedition Leader?

One Ocean Expeditions has an amazing team working on board the RCGS. In this bog, we go over the role of an expedition leader.