Why Spring in Antarctica is So Special

Ice, snow and wildlife

The mountains are covered in virgin snow and huge glaciers emerge from the pristine waters, which are the ideal conditions to experience Antarctica first-hand through a number of on board and land-based activities.

Spring is the optimum time to view wildlife in Antarctica as many species return from warmer, northern climes to begin mating. Because we follow the migratory cycle, even the most spontaneous of sightings won’t be missed. Wandering albatrosses and giant petrels keep the ship company as it heads south. The waters are rich with marine life and guests can spot curious humpback and minke whales as they feed on the vast schools of krill. gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins head back to their rookeries on rocky outcrops, known as ‘nunataks’ as the mating season begins. Weddell and leopard seals return and sightings of orcas are not uncommon as Antarctica bursts into life. Experienced experts, photographers and artists on board share their passion and knowledge about the wildlife with guests through educational seminars and fireside conversations.

As those on the ‘Off the Beaten Track’ voyage are amongst the very first to enter Antarctica at the start of the season, conditions for ski touring, snowshoeing and photography are prime. For those with some backcountry ski touring experience, carving ‘fresh tracks’ in virgin Antarctica snow is a truly once in a lifetime experience. Snowshoers can access breathtaking panoramic views and for others, the photographer in residence can offer specialist advice to help capture the perfect shot. This is untouched wilderness at its finest.

Next year, our new addition to the fleet, RCGS Resolute, is the perfect vessel to explore Antarctica in spring, as it combines comfort with the highest ice class rating possible. Her exceptional maneuverability means we can safely travel to areas that no one else can go. The variety of spacious interior and exterior observation areas will allow guests to view the thousands of soaring seabirds as they fly alongside the ship.

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