Highlights From Our 2019 Arctic Season

Guests were captivated by the abundance of wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes and poignant visits to historical sites and remote Inuit communities in Canada’s Arctic this past summer.

What is An Expedition Leader?

One Ocean Expeditions has an amazing team working on board the RCGS. In this bog, we go over the role of an expedition leader.

Top 7 Things to See in the Islands of the North Atlantic

A highlight of our ‘Voyages of Discovery’ 2020 season is the “Scotland, Faroe Islands & Iceland” voyage that follows in the footsteps of the Vikings and Gaels. Rich in history and spectacular landscapes, this itinerary has no shortage of must-see destinations. Here is a list of the top 7 North Atlantic highlights on this voyage…

Science Literacy and Ocean Health at the Forefront of Research Initiatives

Continuing our commitment to supporting and operating nationally accredited science literacy and ocean health programs, we have completed a successful season on Canada’s East Coast and in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, partnering with a variety of scientists, researchers, and educators.

A Compass Rose departure

A compass rose offers a variety of interesting travel benefits including travelling alongside RCGS Fellows and explorers-in-residence.