Focus on South Georgia

Travel to South Georgia, the most STAGGERING wildlife show on the planet

South Georgia has every right to be called the ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean’. Only in South Georgia you can visit hundreds of thousands of king penguins on an unrivalled itinerary to explore what’s been called the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’.

Travelling on an expedition cruise with One Ocean Expeditions means you travel with expert guides, including naturalists, marine biologists, ornithologists and historians as well as our resident photography professionals. On select departures, photography mentors lead photography symposiums during the excursions and ship days.

Depending on the itinerary you choose, you can explore South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica by foot, ski, snowshoe, sea kayak or Zodiac – the choice is yours.

King Haakon Bay, where legendary explorer Shackleton and his team made landfall 100 years ago, Salisbury Plain, with its black sand beaches and staggering numbers of penguins, the Specially Protected Area of Prion Island, where wandering albatross come to breed, and the impressive three-mile-long fjord at Fortuna Bay are all among the highlights of trips to South Georgia.

Trips are timed perfectly to allow you to witness the intense spring wildlife activity in the region.  Hundreds of thousands of king penguins and their chicks, elephant seals fighting for territory, fur seals clustering on the beaches, beautiful albatross courtship rituals and a profusion of seabirds form a visual spectacle that you will never forget.

On every visit in South Georgia, we have a toast at the graves of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his right-handed man, Frank Wild. One Ocean Expeditions was tasked with bringing Frank Wild’s ashes to South Georgia in 2011. Read more about Frank Wild’s ashes here.

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