Explore Antarctica by Snowshoe

Imagine standing high upon a snowy slope, overlooking an ice-filled bay in Antarctica…

Wind ruffles the surface of the bay. Kayaks glide across it. You turn to your hiking partner and smile, both realizing that Antarctica is more beautiful that you had imagined it to be. The images before you dominate your new ideal, and permeate your senses. Your own will and the snowshoes attached to your feet brought you atop this snowy piste for the best views of mountains, icebergs and glaciers. This landscape will forever change the way you see Antarctica.

On the upcoming ‘Antarctic Peninsula Adventure: Off The Beaten Track‘ departure, snowshoeing a snowy peak is one of the many amazing adventures offered. With a focus on tailored adventures and the highest staff to passenger ratio in the expedition cruise industry, we offer the freedom of creating individual experiences every day. Our professional guides plan your hike through the accumulated Antarctic winter snow. With our extensive experience in the Antarctic peninsula region, we always have a great hike in mind. With snowshoes, we access to breathtaking panoramic views unimpaired by waist deep powder.

Who can do it?
Where possible, our snowshoe hikes will be one to three hours in duration and will at times be challenging terrain without the assistance of trails. There are options on most excursions for shorter walks, often up to excellent viewpoints, that don’t require snowshoes or any other equipment.

What is provided?
We provide high quality MSR snowshoes, wind and waterproof outerwear, dry bag backpack, Lacrosse gumboots and trekking poles, which provide increased stability and balance when using snowshoes in deep snow. Our expert snowshoe guides will lead the way, and although our hikes take place only in areas where we have deemed it safe to travel, our guides carry all necessary safety equipment.

What you need to bring?
It is best to be outfitted with comfortable and warm socks to wear inside the gumboots we provide. Instead of using a provided dry bag, you may choose to bring a small backpack instead. We recommend you carry your camera, some water and an extra layer of clothing in case the weather changes.

To experience this adventure of a lifetime and explore Antarctica by snowshoe, you can travel on our ‘Antarctic Peninsula Adventure: Off the Beaten Track’ voyage, running November 21- December 1st, 2019.

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