Clean up Svalbard

Protecting the fragile ecosystem of the Norwegian Arctic with the Clean up Svalbard program

Every year, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) and their guests participate in the ‘Clean up Svalbard’ program, collecting garbage along the beaches of Svalbard to help protect the environment and wildlife. Large quantities of garbage and assorted debris from fishing vessels and from continental Europe are carried via the Gulf Stream to Svalbard’s shores. As such, it was a natural fit for the ‘Clean up Svalbard’ program to become part of the OOE Svalbard expedition cruise program to help protect the pristine ecosystem of the Arctic.

Svalbard is famous for its incredible wildlife population. Polar bears, walrus, arctic fox, different species of seals, beluga whales, arctic tern, common eider, arctic skuas and many more call the archipelago above the Arctic Circle their home. The garbage that washes ashore is a threat to mammals and seabirds alike, as well as to the ecosystem of the remote islands of Svalbard. Accessing these remote areas makes expedition cruise operators, like OOE and their passionate guests, a crucial asset to ensuring the shorelines of the Arctic environment are protected and taken care of.

Due to the lack of population and infrastructure in the area, when visiting Svalbard, One Ocean Expeditions’ volunteer guests and staff members enthusiastically collect rubbish during shore excursions. One Ocean Expeditions is known to be a leader in sustainable tourism practices in the Polar Regions and the places in between. The Canadian tour operator was also part of the ‘South Georgia Rat Eradication’, supporting the Falkland Islands Conservation and micro-plastic studies of the Vancouver Aquarium in the Polar Regions.

The feedback OOE passengers give is as motivating as it is inspiring. By integrating the ‘Clean up Svalbard’ initiative, passengers can actively give back and make a difference while exploring those remote areas.

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