Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with One Ocean Expeditions

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with exciting destinations, experiences and guest speakers

For 150 years Canada has impressed us with its beautiful landscape, rich wildlife, and exciting outdoor activities.  Therefore 2017 is the perfect time to explore the second-largest country in the world in depth. One Ocean Expeditions travels to remote out ports along Canada’s East Coast all the way up to the High Arctic, including the most northern community in Canada, Grise Fiord. A group of talented Canadian expert educators, photographers, historians, artists and expedition leaders are involved on all One Ocean Expeditions’ cruises.

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Along the shores of the Canadian Atlantic East Coast, we are welcomed by the familiarity of days gone by in each community we visit. Our special visit to Charlottetown the capital of P-E-I and the “Birthplace of Confederation” is central to One Ocean Expeditions Canada’s 150th collaborative celebrations.

The Arctic carries great exploration and historical interest worldwide. The Canadian Arctic and Inuit communities on the East coast of Baffin Island and the West coast of Greenland offer incredible insight to life above the Arctic Circle. Visiting remote Northern communities that welcome us into their way of life, give us perspective and further our appreciation for their customs and lifestyle. The sight of your first polar bear, walrus, narwhal, beluga, caribou and muskox elicits a feeling of awe in even the most experienced traveller.

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Longtime Inuit guides, world-renowned documentary film producers and photographers share insight into northern traditions, wildlife and the natural environment through visual storytelling, cultural displays and photography or art exhibits and workshops.  Historians lead educational presentations and field visits to historical archeological sites including locations associated with Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition. World-class chefs invite guests to sample authentic Canadian dishes, local to the area of exploration, and educate them about ingredients and produce that comes from the land and ocean. Through artistic impressions from internationally renown artists, guests learn how to view remote areas of the world from an artistic perspective, bringing culture, wildlife and history of the region to a deeper understanding.

Zodiac cruising or sea kayaking expeditions at the base of glacial walls or bird cliffs is a breathtaking experience, you will never forget. Discover the rich fauna of the Arctic while hiking with a naturalist through the tundra or improve your photography skills onshore with your photography mentor.

Outstanding staff members & special guests who join us on board our expeditions:

Atuat Shouldice, Expedition Guide
Having spent his whole life living in and exploring Nunavut, Atuat is a compassionate mentor and advocate for Arctic wildlife, history and changing climate conditions. His work as an Environmental Inspector with the federal government provides a unique aspect of the Northern environment, which he explains to guests on board. Those travelling with Atuat will be deeply inspired by his dedication sharing his wide knowledge of Inuk culture, lifestyle and history. Nothing makes him happier than seeing passengers expressions when encountering new things and answering their questions.

Chris Cran, Artist in Residence
Chris Cran is a Canadian artist and Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, gaining an international reputation through his unique art compositions. His art pieces are displayed in the National Gallery of Canada and has been reviewed in art magazines such as The New York Times. Chris’ talent, using visual tricks to capture the moment, are a fantastic benefit for guests when discovering the world through an artistic perspective.

Steve Bailey, Ornithologist
Steve is a dedicated ornithologist and an outstanding source of knowledge for One Ocean Expeditions guests when it comes to birds. He holds his PhD in Zoology and was the Director for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in California for twelve years. For decades one of California’s leading birders, Steve was Regional Editor for the journal American Birds for 14 years.

Boris Wise, Expedition Leader
An accomplished outdoor professional and passionate wilderness leader and photographer, Boris has dozens of Arctic expeditions under his belt. In the North, Boris focuses on the Canadian Arctic, which allows a very specialized ability to lead exceptional voyages through the Northwest Passage, Fury and Hecla Strait, around Baffin Island and the coast of Greenland. Boris’ amassed knowledge of the Canadian Arctic is a specialty when the vessel navigates ice and tricky landing sites. His calm and logical approach to maximizing the passenger experience in a safe manner has clients raving about his style of leadership.

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