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Supporting Science – It’s in our DNA

The oceans in the Polar Regions are known to be the most efficient in early warning detection as they are often the most highly affected by global environmental changes. One Ocean Expeditions carefully selects research partners, who execute important and relevant research projects, to travel alongside guests and conduct science while onboard our expedition cruises. These projects which take place in Antarctica, the Arctic and all places in between are exclusive to the One Ocean Expeditions program. Research may range from collecting data for critical meteorological and oceanographic studies used at an international level, to the tagging and tracking of migrant whale populations for universities and science institutions worldwide.

For the last decade, One Ocean Expeditions commits support for research efforts undertaken by Oceanites & their penguin researchers. Oceanites scientists commit their practice to counting penguins ‘so others don’t have to’. Scientists of Oceanites venture with One Ocean Expeditions  far south to the Antarctic Peninsula; collecting data that is crucial for internationally recognized research institutes who then share this scientific data on a global scale. The research, which has been conducted for almost 20 years, helps track oceanic changes and the impact those changes have on our flightless friends, and in turn the impact it may have on human populations. READ MORE

California Ocean Alliance and Australian Antarctic Division (Marine Mammal Centre)
Dr Ari Friedlaender  and his international team of scientists comprised of marine biology researches with the AAD (Australian Antarctic Division) share their research inquiries & results with passengers and encourage participation with ongoing cetacean sighting programs. The team provides valuable and fascinating insights into the world of Antarctic science with an underlying message of conservation through education and inspiring experiences. “One of the most critical parts of our science is being able to better communicate our findings with the broader community”, states Dr Ari Friedlaender. READ MORE 

Ocean Wise Arctic Microplastic Research
Ocean Wise is a recognized leader in connecting people to our natural world. Their research team Peter Ross & Eric Solomon have been able to conduct ground-breaking research which includes a new project to detect and document the presence and quantity of micro plastics in Arctic waters. They also proactively engage in marine mammal tracking and oceanographic sampling.  Their research in the Arctic, where they gather much needed science in the rapidly changing Arctic, is now migrating into the southern climes of Antarctica.

Collaborative Experiences – Join in!
Understanding the oceans and the role they play in the ‘bigger picture’ has always played an essential role with One Ocean Expeditions as part of several global research projects. On specific departures, guests are encouraged to participate with ongoing cetacean sighting programs and collecting ocean water samples in the Polar Regions for microplastics,  while the scientists onboard share their latest findings with guests throughout the voyage.

Citizen Science is part of the expedition cruises One Ocean Expeditions offers in Antarctica, the Arctic and along Canada's Atlantic Coast.

Future of Antarctica – A first of its kind!

A Polar conference with a mandate for change
Passengers on One Ocean Expeditions’ 10- night Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, 28 February 2016, had unprecedented access to international representatives who manage Antarctica under the Antarctic Treaty. The key figures and diplomats from around the globe were on board for the first-ever floating Polar Conference, discussed steps to conserve the great Seventh Continent for future generations. READ MORE  

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
In the Canadian Arctic, One Ocean Expeditions and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society are partnering to support science and research. Science is an important mechanism that is crucial to connecting both organizations as the exclusive education, environmental science and expedition partners in Canada’s North. One Ocean Expeditions supports Can Geo Talks and contributes to research grants as well as scholarships in the Canadian Arctic.

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