A Taste Of Canadian Food

Add a Culinary Tasting to Your Expedition Cruise

Canadian food is famous for its edgy, fresh and local produce which is very different in each region of the second biggest country in the world. One Ocean Expeditions takes passengers on a culinary tasting tour on different expedition cruise itineraries through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Nunavut. But what is worth trying?

One Ocean Expeditions is keen to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. Therefore, we practice sustainable purchasing and purchase local ingredients as much as possible. This guarantees the best culinary experience possible.

Along Canada’s East Coast, it is easy to purchase local ingredients such as seafood. Those visiting Nova Scotia should try local lobster. On the departures ‘Fins and Fiddles’, ‘Labrador and Torngat Explorer’ and ‘Golf Expedition – Fiddles and Sticks’ we purchase lobster from local fishermen and our experienced hospitality crew will create a delicious lobster dinner based on a traditional recipe for all expedition guests.

Canadian Food

Mussels, especially oysters are another delicacy of Canada’s East Coast. A professional oyster shucker will join us on select departures, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.  This culinary tasting through Canada’s cuisine will be an unparalleled highlight of the expedition cruise, bringing the local lifestyle closer to passengers.

Lobster Dinner. Image by Ron Clifford

As a core to the Inuit diet, Arctic Char is a popular choice amongst locals. On select departures, One Ocean Expeditions purchases Arctic Char to integrate into the daily menu options. Bannock is another Northern staple found in both modern kitchens and hunting camps alike. A dough made out of flour and water, Bannock can be baked in different ways. Bannock is a great addition to stews made out of caribou or similar foods. One Ocean Expeditions culinary team is offering bannock as part of the culinary showcase of Canadian food.

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Canadian expedition cruise

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