Ground Breaking Research Footage Collected

Marine biologists, in partnership with the leader in facilitating polar research onboard small expedition cruises, recently collected incredible footage on the behavior of whales in Antarctica.

Dr. Ari Friedlaender, Associate Professor at Oregon State University at the Marine Mammals Institute, in collaboration with One Ocean Expeditions successfully deployed non-invasive suction-cup video tags on humpback whales and dive-profile tags on Antarctic minke whales during two expeditions to Antarctica with the Australian Antarctic Division.  The collected data these tags provided are extremely valuable as they will prove unique insights into the behavior and movements of Antarctica whales in the delicate Antarctic ecosystems.

One Ocean Expeditions provides the researchers with an ideal platform to pursue their scientific work unhindered. Dr. Ari Friedlaender successfully attached the video suction-cup tags with very little disruption to the whale’s natural feeding and resting cycles with the logistical support and collaborative partnership by the Expedition Team of One Ocean Expeditions.  The video suction-cap tags were deployed onto the whale by using a long pole held from a strategically placed zodiac which does not have it’s outboard motor running as to not disturb the whale.Antarctica whales

These tags stay on the mammals for 24-48 hours and have a whole integrated system to study and to collect data. The sensor collaborates with video and we get a better understanding and are able to measure the orientation, movement, speed and behavior of the whale underwater. The things we see in the sensor can collaborate with video and get a better understanding of how these animals are behaving inside the Antarctic environment. Those tags give information on how often they feed, where they go, how often they rest, what depth they are feeding at and what they are feeding on”, explains Ari Friedlaender.

Committed to environmental and social responsibility, One Ocean Expeditions offers passengers personalized polar marine experiences in the most beautiful places on earth. Supporting environmental awareness and education One Ocean Expeditions maintains ongoing affiliations with an array of scientific and educational institutions. A significant promise of their scientific commitment is providing a platform and logistical services to select scientists like Dr. Ari Friedlaender and his team.

Permit number for drone: ACA Permit 2016-024, 2017-034

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