Meet your Expedition Guides

One Ocean Expeditions guests travel with the most knowledgable and experienced expedition guides in the small ship expedition cruise industry

Learn more about the team of expedition guides traveling to the Antarctic Peninsula:

One Ocean Expeditions staff member Harry KeyesHarry Keys, Glaciologist
Harry is a key glaciologist with One Ocean Expeditions for the third year in a row. He contributes extensive expertise about Antarctica’s glaciology gained when he developed and led a study of icebergs in the Ross Sea with the New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme followed by work on the Ross Ice Shelf with the US Antarctic Program. With this impressive background of Antarctic experience, collected over three decades, Harry has significant knowledge to share on the ship and enjoys showing guests Antarctic ice and its fascinating variety of facets.

One Ocean Expeditions staff member Katie MurrayKatie Murray, Historian
Katie is having a Ph.D. in polar history from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She has a background in Museum Studies and her interests led her to South Georgia, where she operated and managed the small museum in Grytviken. This is the final resting place for Sir Ernest Shackleton, buried in the small graveyard near the whaling station. Her presentations on the ship are always well received and she delights in sharing her knowledge of polar history with all passengers.

One Ocean Expeditions staff member Simon BoyesSimon Boyes, Ornithologist
Simon gained an international reputation as an ornithologist, having guided more than 300 bird-watching tours all over the world, including numerous trips to Antarctica. He is now one of the lead ornithologists with One Ocean Expeditions, having worked with us since 2011. With a lifelong interest in observing birds and a background in Environmental Conservation, he is a driving force in helping passengers to find and identify Antarctic bird-life through presentations, on deck interpretation and guided hikes.

One Ocean Expeditions staff member Mark EvansMark Evans, Naturalist
In his vital role as a naturalist, Mark shares his passion for ecotourism, wildlife and the sustainability of our natural environment throughout the voyage. He is a mentor regarding eco-tourism and connecting people to the natural environment in Antarctica. Mark has had the privilege of working on some of the finest eco-tourism developments from wilderness retreats, to initiating and contributing superb conservation initiatives in sea turtle and marine mammal conservation and education.

dave-broshaDave Brosha, Photographer

Dave’s outstanding photographic work is published in numerous online and print media such as CNN and Canadian Geographic. For his role as OOE’s Photographer in Residence, Dave brings an outstanding level of experience, having earned an international reputation as a photography teacher, and securing engagements for Nikon, Dubai, After Dark Education, St. Louis, PPAM, Plymouth, and the Globe and Mail, Toronto.  On board, Dave works tirelessly to assist passengers to capture the beauty of Antarctica through their camera lenses.

One Ocean Expeditions staff member Ari FriedlaenderDr Ari Friedlaender, Researcher & Professor at the Oregon State University
Ari’s specialty lies in studying the foraging ecology of marine mammals and the affects of climate change on their behaviour.  He has a special interest in the Antarctic and has worked with OOE for the past four years.  As an educator and a scientist, he supports

wholeheartedly the collaboration between research and tourism, believing that by informing and communicating what is happening in the region – particularly with regard to climate change – we are a step closer to protecting our fragile ecosystem.

To learn more about Ari Friedlaender and his research projects, make sure you regularly visit our blog and social media sites.

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