Why Travel on a One Ocean Expeditions Voyage?

Because we show you the world in a whole new way

One Ocean Expeditions is a Canadian expedition cruise operator, privately owned and offering over 20 years of expertise in worldwide expedition cruise experiences. Through innovative programming and transformative experiences, we have become the world leader of small-ship expedition cruising. Committed to environmental and social responsibility, One Ocean Expeditions offers personalized marine experiences in the most beautiful places on earth. Innovative expedition cruises take guests to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Svalbard, Greenland, the Canadian Arctic and the Canadian East Coast.

People really matter on each expedition and One Ocean Expeditions show this at every opportunity, particularly by allowing guests to have a say in how their experiences unfold. With carefully crafted itineraries they prioritize more time in destination to immerse guests in the region they are travelling to.

 One Ocean Expeditions is committed to supporting environmental awareness and education, world-class scientific research in sensitive ecosystems, historical preservation, and the sustainment of local communities. One Ocean Expeditions maintains ongoing affiliations with an array of scientific and educational institutions and is proud to serve as the exclusive education, environmental science, and expedition partner of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

 One Ocean Expeditions has been developing leading examples of sustainable tourism for over a decade. Consistently innovative in creating itineraries, One Ocean Expeditions takes visitors to some of the most unspoiled places on earth with programs that focus on education, science, history, arts & culture and exploration.  With the highest staff to passenger ratio in the expedition cruise industry, expedition cruises are filled with a variety of diverse activities and programs, suited for all skill and fitness levels. Highly experienced guides such as ornithologists, historians, glaciologists, photographers, geologists, naturalists and marine biologists bring the diverse ecosystems, cultures and wildlife closer to expedition guests.

Each expedition cruise is unique as it unfolds. What will your travel story be?