One Ocean Expeditions and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society Join Forces to Make Exploring our World Even Better

Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) is a not for profit organization dedicated to making Canada better known to Canadians and the world.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), Canadian Geographic and One Ocean Expeditions are extremely pleased to announce that we now work together as marine travel partners. 

To help encourage engagement in Canadian exploration, we proudly work together with the RCGS to fund educational programs for school curriculums as well as several scientific explorations – all shared through the Canadian Geographic magazine.  

Another part of this unique partnership will be a collaboration of a whole new range of innovative educational and adventure travel programs. Our engagement and commitment to further Canadian exploration is something we share with guests from around the world.

This unique partnership of OOE and RCGS helps expand:

  • equipping Canadian Geographic Education’s 20,000 classroom educators with new resources
  • supporting field research by geographers and other specialists
  • aiding adventurous expeditions
  • helping to celebrate Canada and its human and physical geography through Canadian Geographic magazine
  • funding educational programs for school curriculums
  • several scientific explorations – all shared through Canadian Geographic scientific magazine
  • supporting youth internships, RCGS Expeditions and Research Grants.

We partnered with the RCGS in the past on projects of significant importance to the Canadian Arctic, such as:

Victoria Strait Expedition 2014
We are delighted that Sir John Franklin’s fabled lost vessel, HMS Erebus has been found in the Northwest Passage in September 2014. One Ocean Voyager/ Akademik Sergey Vavilov, one of our expedition cruise ships that was offered to the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for the Victoria Strait Expedition 2014, has been cruising the glacial waters with three other research ships operated by the search partners. READ MORE

Humahuk Expedition
Louie Kamookak is an Inuit historian whose years of dedicated research and focus on traditional Inuit oral history helped find the lost Erebus. He was awarded an Erebus medal by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society at the Royal Ontario Museum, and was also recently part of Can Geo Talks 2016, ‘Inuit Oral Tradition and Franklin’.  Louie follows this oral tradition to share the stories from his grandmother in hopes to further solve one of the greatest polar marine mysteries that have helped to shape the Canadian landscape.  With a reputation for innovation and quality expeditions we are a proud sponsor of Louie’s Humahuk Expedition. READ MORE

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