Travel Through the Panama Canal – One of the Modern Wonders of the World

Venturing through the Panama Canal is one of the most outstanding experiences possible. Built under excruciating conditions, the Panama Canal is now known as one of the modern wonders of the world.

On our new expedition cruise itinerary ‘Central America Adventure’, we will be travelling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, through the 100-year old canal.

With our cups full of the cultural experiences of Panama City, we will sit back and let history come to us.  Spending the better part of the day (8+ hours) moving through the 77km Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, we will pass under the Bridge of the Americas before entering the Miraflores Locks. The locks will then take us up to Miraflores Lake, then up again to Gatun Lake, before being lowered back down to the sea level of the Caribbean Sea. You will not simply watch this incredible feat of engineering, you will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. With the crossing completed, we will then anchor near the city of Colon to enjoy our final dinner together and toast our adventures.

Sailing through the Panama Canal
Sailing through the Panama Canal. Image by Jason Ransom

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