Canadian Geographic Challenge Finalists Ready to Discover Canada’s East Coast.

Canadian Geographic Challenge finalists get the chance to explore Canada’s geography in depth by joining our expedition cruise ‘Canada’s East Coast – Fins and Fiddles’.

We are proud to be partners of the Canadian Geographic Challenge, a project hosted by the Canadian Geography Magazine and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society to foster the geographic skills and maintaining Canada’s reputation as a geography powerhouse. We’re honored to support our partner in education, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in this endeavor by taking them on our expedition cruise ‘Fins and Fiddles’, exploring four different provinces and geographical highlights of Canada’s East Coast.

With the innovative cruise programming for youth that we are introducing, we know those kids competing in the Canadian Geographic Challenge are in for a treat! The lucky winners will get to spend time with celebrated Canadian guest speakers and top educators in the country.

The expedition along Canada’s East Coast takes less than 100 guests and the young geography talents to geographical sites, providing an in-depth exploration of four different provinces and its geographical and cultural treasures.

Canadian Geographic Challenge

Sable Island, the only emergent part of the outer eastern Continental Shelf. This National Park is also home to infamous wild horses roaming on its majestic sand dunes, along with submerged shipwrecks and the world’s largest breeding colony of grey seals and rare migratory bird colonies. Sable Island stirs the imagination, merging human history with natural wonders in a compelling and complex ecosystem.

Canadian Geographic Challenge

Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which took Mother Nature 485,000,000 years to mold it into one of the world’s most impressive geological and visual wonders. The site, located on Newfoundland’s west coast, is a dream come true for geology buffs and a visual feast with its views of fjords, towering cliffs and waterfalls. Students will have the pleasure of joining a guided hike in the desert-like Tablelands, with its rare rock formations created by the earth’s tectonic plates colliding.

Canadian Geographic ChallengeGaspé Peninsula features Bonaventure Island and the town of Percé in Quebec, where various excursions will take place to the delight of the active young travellers onboard. Soft adventures such as zodiac cruises, guided nature and wildlife viewing hikes, and more active adventures including sea kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are available. The site has outstanding flora and fauna, including the largest Northern Gannet colony in the world.

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