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Canada is the second-largest country in the world and offers incredible opportunities to explore its breathtaking scenery and experience incredible wildlife encounters.  With the largest coastline on earth, one of the best ways to explore the magnificent country is onboard an expedition cruise ship. One of Canada’s most stunning areas is the Maritimes, a region still largely untouched by mass tourism. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Prince Edward Island are filled with enchanting corners that are worth exploring.

Gros Morne
Sailing into the heart of Gros Morne National Park, the cliffs soar up out of the water and are covered in a green blanket of tuckamore forest – windswept spruce sculpted by the ocean breeze. At Woody Point various guided walks take us into the Tablelands, a World Heritage Site, to a lookout with a spectacular view over much of the park – a spectacular experience!  A boreal wetland landscape, featuring dramatic rock ridges, pitcher plants, white-throated sparrows and perhaps even a moose could all be encountered as we explore the park. Thirty years ago, Gros Morne National Park was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its geological history and its exceptional scenery.

Sable Island
Located on the edge of the Grand Banks, hundreds of kilometers from the coast, Sable Island has a storied history as a graveyard of ships, with more than 350 vessels falling victim to the treacherous currents and sandbars around the island. Sporadically inhabited by sealers, shipwreck survivors and salvagers in the past, the island is now home to fewer than six year-round inhabitants, along with one of the largest gray seal colonies in the world, and most notably a herd of wild horses. Sable Island forms one of Canada’s newest National Parks – providing an incredible opportunity to explore this hidden wildlife gem.

With its rich history, Louisbourg, is a highlight of the voyage for history buffs. Explore the town’s historic downtown port, the third busiest seaport in North America during the 18th century. Visit the old fortress, destroyed by the British in the 1760’s and has since been partially rebuilt and turned into a living history museum. With a tour from local history guides, you can discover what life was like in the fortress in the 1740’s.

Isles de la Madeleine
In September, the Atlantic Ocean is at its peak warmth after the Summer and provides ideal conditions, to explore the area by stand-up paddle board, sea kayak, or on guided zodiac excursions and hikes. Designed for the whole family and adventurers at heart, One Ocean Expeditions provides an ideal setting to explore Canada’s Maritime regions on ‘Canadas’s East Coast – Fins and Fiddles’ voyage.

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