7 Reasons Why You Should Plan an Antarctic Expedition Cruise

And why it will be a trip of a lifetime

The majestic, snow-covered mountains provide an inspiring backdrop for travelers looking to take a break from our hectic world. Stunning wildlife encounters and breathtaking scenery will take you to a world, only a few of us are lucky to encounter. With only a handful of scientists and about 40,000 travelers a year visiting the ‘white continent’, wildlife remain able to roam freely through their natural environment. One Ocean Expeditions has a strong commitment to environmentally friendly visitor practices on an  Antarctic tour, and ensures, wildlife viewing is done at a safe, respectable distance while still providing great viewing opportunities. We offer custom experiences for each and every passenger and the choice of a variety of sailing routs around the Antarctic Peninsula:

  1. Would you like to cross the Drake Passage, follow the footsteps of the early polar explorers, and view the abundant wildlife that accompanies us as we leave the Beagle Channel? Travel on one of our classic departures and benefit from the abundant knowledge our experts share with you during the Drake crossing.
  2. Would you like to spend as much time in the destination itself as possible? ‘More time in destinations’ has become our mantra! Take flights from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island or Stanley on the Falkland Islands and maximize the time on your Antarctic tour.
  3. Do you love adventure travel and are looking to Antarctica for your next trip? We can take you ski touring, sea kayaking, overnight kayaking (up to two nights), camping, photography, and plenty more active pursuits.
  4. Looking for 24 hours of sunlight? We can take you there. In January and early February, the sun barely sets. Photography enthusiasts will love the different facets of light that Antarctica offers during this time of the year.
  5. Would you like to participate in gathering quantitative cetacean data that will assist in realizing new potential Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica? Travel with Dr. Ari Friedlaender from the University of California, Santa Cruz and his international team of scientists, with whom we have developed an incredible cetacean program onboard our Marine Mammals in Antarctica departures.
  6. Would you like to experience the sounds as you are surrounded by 100,000 king penguins in South Georgia? We give you the opportunity on our 14 to 16-night voyages, which focus on visiting the highlights of what is called the ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean’.
  7. Do you dream of crossing the Antarctic circle while surrounded by tabular icebergs? On our Antarctic tours in 2019, we provide you several opportunities to go as far south as anyone can.

Our expeditions can quickly sell out, so don’t wait, book now and choose the experience of your dreams.

Your adventure starts now.

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