Incredible Arctic Wildlife Encounters in Svalbard

An incredible variety of Arctic wildlife calls the archipelago of barely inhabited Norwegian islands home.

 Due to its geographic location and environmental conditions, Svalbard is the ideal place for Arctic wildlife to feed and nest. On our expedition cruises through Svalbard, we experience breathtaking Arctic wildlife encounters as we explore remote bays and stunning glaciers. This summer, incredible wildlife encounters have left travellers in awe as they carried on their quest of exploration above the Arctic Circle.

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“On one of the first days of our ‘Spitsbergen Encounter – Photography Symposium’ voyage, we landed just south of Kapp Lee which is located on the north-eastern point of Edgeoya. It is a walrus haul out and they were home! Our naturalist counted 18 walruses, all males, on shore. They were actively playing, displaying their tusks and some even went swimming.

Our luck in spotting Arctic wildlife continued. At the northern end of Storfjorden we spotted a polar bear! We spent three hours with this young male as he stalked and followed seals around the sea ice, as our ship was sitting deep in the ice with all our passengers out and about on the ship.

Alkhornet is what the guide books describe as “Spitsbergen in a nutshell”, and at this time a year when the flowers are starting to come out it really has it all. We saw reindeer calves only about two weeks old, still nursing, staying really close to their mothers.

The highlight of our voyage through Svalbard was definitely a fox den with six pups and an adult. The fox babies were old enough to be out and play without their mum guarding over them and they were simply adorable!”

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