Demystifying Coastal Chilean Patagonia’s Beauty and Cultural Compexity

As we celebrate the end of an exceptional cruise season to the Canadian Arctic and our series of new destinations, we reflect back to our inaugural- and spectacular- Chilean Fjords Adventure voyage that sailed along the coast of Chilean Patagonia.

Sailing along the western coast of Chilean Patagonia from Ushuaia, Argentina to the city of Valparaiso, Chile, the 14-day Chilean Fjords Adventure voyage had our guests awestruck by the region’s colourful culture, colossal natural wonders and fascinating history.

Travelers with a deep interest in the environment, glaciers, nature, history and photography enjoyed an incredible journey onboard RCGS Resolute. Throughout the voyage guests experienced a wide range of active and educational activities, led by our talented and hospitable staff. Expert Glaciologists, Naturalists, Historians and Ornithologists, as well as Artists and Photographers, treated guests to daily lectures, workshops and shore excursions.

RCGS Resolute sits in a fjord in Chile
RCGS Resolute sits in a fjord in Chile. Image by Jeff Topham

The voyage took guests on an immersive exploration of the world’s most isolated National Parks and Fjords with visits to Garibaldi Fjord and Alberto de Agostini Sound and its imposing glaciers, Dainelli and Serrano. Sailing north, RCGS Resolute travelled along the shore of Magellan Strait to Cabo San Isidro, the site of a century-old lighthouse and whaling station. Guests were taken on a guided nature hike in the area to experience the Magellanic southern beech forests.

Exploring Chilean Glaciers via Zodiac.
Exploring Glaciers via Zodiac. Image by Jeff Topham

The adventure continued to the Peel Fjord and almighty Amalia Glacier, a visual feast and mesmerizing journey where guests were in awe of the glaciers’ towering beauty and thundering sounds. Throughout the voyage, our marine mammal specialists, Ornithologists, Naturalists and animal lovers were on the lookout for whales, South American Sea Lions, Rock Cormorants and Andean Condors, amongst other species.

A Southern Crested Caracara sits in a tree.
Southern Crested Caracara is one of the many species of birds found in Chile. Image by Jason Ransom

The journey then visited Wellington Island, one of the most isolated inhabited places in the world. An emotionally charged visit to the small village of Puerto Edén, home of the Kawéskar people, stirred guests’ emotions as they met the last remaining indigenous community of Southern Chilean Patagonia.

A visit to the Kawéskar people in Puerto Eden
A visit to the Kawéskar people
in Puerto Eden. Image by Jason Ransom

The voyage sailed further north to the milder climate of coastal Chile and Castro, the nation’s third oldest city. Founded in 1567, the provincial capital of the island of Chiloé is known for its colourful houses built on stilts and elaborate manmade wooden churches, many of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The colourful stilt houses of Castro.
The colourful stilt houses of Castro. Image by Jason Ransom

Sailing Chilean Patagonia’s narrow fjords to remote coastal villages can only be done on a small expedition cruise vessel, such as OOE’s flagship vessel RCGS Resolute. Purpose-built for polar expeditions and able to skillfully navigate complex waters with stability and strength, RCGS Resolute offers a spacious and comfortable environment for active discovery.

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