How to Plan an Arctic Journey

An Arctic journey has never been easier

It has never been more simple to set up your Arctic journey. Notoriously difficult and expensive, access to the Arctic can sometimes be a challenge when trying to visit this incredible culture and wilderness. By organizing our own charter flights and ground transfers we are able to offer a full service northern air package in and out of  the southern Canadian ‘gateway’ cities of Ottawa (Ontario) and Edmonton (Alberta).  If travelling internationally, it can be as simple as booking  international airfare to Ottawa or Edmonton and we will take care of the rest.

For Canadian travellers, we offer voyages from both gateway cities, making a northern getaway possible from either side of the country.  Find out more about Arctic departures and necessary Gateway cities.

– Almost half the population of polar bears resides in Nunavut

– Nunavut is 2,093,190 square meters large. This means the province is bigger than Mexico or Indonesia.

– In summer, you can witness the midnight sun as the sun barely rests. End of of summer, you could even spot Northern Lights.

– History and research are big in the Arctic. Find out more about the Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014 where we helped locate the HMS Erebus (Sir John Franklin’s lost ship) in conjunction with Parks Canada  and the RCGS.

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