Why Are We Counting Penguins in Antarctica?

Our Scientific Penguin Counting Friends – OCEANITES

Oceanites is a non-profit, science and educational foundation which fosters the conservation of the world’s oceans, islands, and their wildlife. They do so by measuring penguin populations in Antartica and Sub-Antarctic regions. Each year scientists and representatives join us in the Southern Ocean, supported by our guests, to further this oceanographic research by counting penguins.

Scientists of Oceanites venture with One Ocean Expeditions as far south as the Antarctic Circle, collecting data that is crucial for internationally recognized research institutes – who then share this scientific data on a global scale. The research, which has been conducted for almost 20 years, helps track oceanic changes and the impact those changes have on our flightless friends and in turn the impact it may have on human populations.

Every season, several Oceanites scientists travel onboard our vessels, using the ship as a mobile science platform. Have a look how they are actually counting penguins:

Ron Naveen, CEO of Oceanites explains:“We are grateful for One Ocean Expedition’s greatly assisting our work because all of us monitoring penguin populations are acutely aware that our penguins are indicators of ocean health. And we’re thrilled that our database and ongoing analyses are guiding the Antarctic Treaty countries management and long-term conservation of that 10% of Earth’s which is the fragile Antarctic marine ecosystem. Penguins and Oceans Forever!”

Do you want to travel with Oceanites scientists to Antarctica? There is still limited space on certain departures you can join.  Speak with your travel agent or call our experts to learn more.Give us a call or send an email.