World Oceans Day Celebration

Today is World Oceans Day and this is a celebration around the globe with hundreds of events honouring our oceans. As a global leader in expedition cruising and champion of the education, research, protection and appreciation our world’s oceans, One Ocean Expeditions is joining the celebration by participating in shore cleanups and supporting ocean literacy initiatives on future voyages.

On June 16th  2019, our staff will celebrate the life of Sarah Auffret by participating in ‘Clean Up for Sarah Day’ along with other worldwide members of the Association of Arctic Expedition Operators (AECO). Auffret was an AECO member and one of the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash. The clean-up has been organized in her honour as she was a huge advocate for plastic reduction in the travel industry and passionate about reducing ocean plastics. Coinciding with World Oceans Week, the OOE team will be cleaning up Nexen Beach in the head office town of Squamish, BC.

world oceans day
The marketing team collecting trash in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up last year.

Following the Clean Up for Sarah, the One Ocean Expeditions staff will once again participate in the ‘Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up’. Each year the team heads out in support of this national conservation program that provides Canadians with the opportunity to take action in their communities where water meets land, one bit of trash at a time.

The 2019/2020 Antarctic season will see the return of the Californian Ocean Alliance as Dr. Ari Friedlaender and his team continue their whale research using drones, suction cup tags and biopsy samples to study whales. For the sixth consecutive season the scientists will be continuing their ground-breaking research through OOE’s Marine Mammal Programming.

whale tagging
Suction cup tagging of a humpback whale in Antarctica

The famed penguin counters of Oceanites will also be returning to Antarctica. Now in their 25th year, they have been traveling with OOE for over a decade and continue with their important research that document penguin species populations and their behaviors. Led by Ron Naveen, they conduct essential census research.

Adelie penguin- migratory bird
Adélie Penguins. Image by Steven Rose

In support of the documentary film ‘The Map to Paradise’, we are looking forward to the Canadian premiere of the film as it currently makes its way around the world. Shot on board with OOE in 2017, the film delivers a colourful collection of character-driven stories that convey the quest of individuals, communities and nations doing what they can to protect the last wild and pristine marine places on Earth.

Green turtle
Green turtle

There is only One Ocean; we need to protect it.