Lonely Planet has voted Canada as the #1 travel destination to visit in 2017 – but where should you travel to?

Perfectly timed with the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Lonely Planet, the internationally acknowledged travel guide, has voted Canada as the first place (number one) travel destination to visit in 2017.  As the second largest country in the world, the opportunities are endless. Read below to find a summary of fascinating Canadian travel destinations that are worth visiting in 2017 (or any other year for that matter!).

Baffin Island, Nunavut
Soaring cliffs, ancient glaciers, untouched landscapes and home to polar bears, Canada’s biggest island is truly one of the last wilderness regions on earth. Stories of ancient polar explorers and Inuit culture lead you into a different world. Baffin Island’s famously steep cliffs – some of them are up to 800 meters high (and probably deep as well) – are home to bird colonies with up to 350,000 inhabitants. While polar bears raise their cubs and hunt for food, narwal and beluga whales plow through the ocean. Wildlife encounters on Baffin Island  are something you will never forget. One Ocean Expeditions offers a 13 day expedition cruise along Baffin Island in August 2017.

Sea Kayaking tour with One Ocean Expeditions in the Canadian Arctic

Coastal Labrador and Torngat Mountains National Park
A must see for all history and wildlife lovers, this scenic coastal stretch is filled with exciting historical landmarks. You can visit the remains of Viking settlements as well as Moravian missionaries along Canada’s East Coast and retrace the life of early settlers. Torngat Mountains National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in Canada – and one of the most inaccessible ones, unless visited by expedition cruise ships. Housing the biggest mountains east of the Rockies in North America, this is one of the few places on earth where you could see a polar bear and a black bear on the same day.  Travel on an expedition cruise ship in 2017 and witness the stunning transformation from the mild maritime climate towards landscapes filled with icebergs in the Arctic along Labrador’s coast.


Canada’s Maritime East Coast
Celtic history, traditions, music, dancing – the East Coast culture prevails this incredibly diverse region. Remote wildlife colonies only accessible via the waters and beaches as golden as in the Caribbean  are amongst the highlights of this part of Canada. One Ocean Expeditions even stops at Sable Island, a half moon shaped sand island that is inhabited by approximately 350 wild horses, only few travelers per year are able to visit. Rightly honoured as the recipient of Canada’s highest travel designations, One Ocean Expeditions ‘Fins and Fiddles’ voyage was selected as a key Signature Experience within Canada.

One Ocean Expeditions stops at Sable Island to see its wild horses.

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