A New Way to Explore the Fjords of Chile

Known for our unique commitment to explore remote regions of this world in small groups, our latest itinerary ‘Chilean Fjord Adventures’ offers the incredible opportunity for intrepid travelers to discover Chile in a whole new way. True to our unique expedition style, internationally renowned experts, experienced expedition guides and knowledgeable local guides help to immerse guests in this diverse country.

Lonely Planet nominated Chile as the ‘Best Country to visit in 2018’. Its stunning nature, exciting adventure opportunities and engaging cultural encounters provide a truly incomparable travel experience. Barely discovered fjords, dramatic glaciers and the bohemian city of Valparaiso are amongst the highlights of this South American country.

With our expedition cruise starting along Chile’s West Coast in 2019, we present a whole new way to explore this stunning destination:

The untouched fjords of Chile are home to some of the most incredible glacier formations in the world. Together with our experienced glaciologists, we will visit and explore these majestic natural wonders.

Exploring Chilean Glaciers via Zodiac.
Exploring Glaciers via Zodiac. Image by Jeff Topham

Sea kayaking
Our renowned sea kayaking program offers an incredible opportunity to explore the remote fjords of Chile and its diverse wildlife. Our experienced guides will take a small group of avid sea kayakers through the winding and untouched waterways.

Whale watching
April is the best opportunity for whale watching in Chile as humpback whales are migrating north as their rich feeding grounds in Antarctica begin to freeze over the winter months.

Whether you prefer charging hikes or contemplative meandering, we offer the ideal exploration options for everyone to discover Chile at their pace.  Photographers and local guides accompany the different groups to teach more about the diverse landscape settings, rich wildlife and engaging history.

The vibrant city of Valparaiso is known for its incredible arts scene. Colourful street art paints a powerful picture of the bohemian town, which has seen many changes throughout its tumultuous history. Our expedition will also stop in Castro, a must for history buffs.

Wildlife Viewing
The incredible outdoor viewing platforms on RCGS Resolute are ideal look-outs for wildlife. Together with our naturalists and ornithologists, guests have the opportunity to witness and understand the behaviour of regional wildlife.

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