Community Engagement in the Arctic

In celebration of Nunavut Day, we want to share with you some of the initiatives One Ocean Expeditions is currently working on in the Arctic. Our aim is to connect the far North with the South of Canada and the rest of the world, through community engagement, leadership support and art.

You can read more about the communities we visit and how our guests can engage with the Inuit culture here.


One Ocean Expeditions is proud to support RPAN in their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for communities in Nunavut through recreation. Since 2012, RPAN has been developing programs focused on leadership training, mentorship and certification to support emerging young leaders in building inclusive, year-round sport and recreation programs across the North. RPAN is a not-for-profit led by a dedicated team steadfastly working with partners and government to advocate territorial support for healthy and active communities through recreation.

RPAN youth in recreation program

“OOE’s support provides increased opportunity for emerging leaders to develop skills, identify career paths, be part of a successful team, gain casual/seasonal employment, and feel valued in their communities,” said Dawn Currie, Executive Director of RPAN. “Most importantly, OOE will be a partner in making a difference in the communities and lives of Nunavummiut. We will together support healthier and more active communities”.

This year, Canadian Parks and Recreation Association awarded Vikki Niptanatiak with the “Emerging Leader Award”. Vikki, from Kugluktuk, was nominated by RPAN, who first met her five years ago as part of a pilot youth leadership program.  Vikki had just started working part-time at the Kugltukuk Youth Centre where she now works full time as the Youth Coordinator.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

In February 2018, One Ocean Expeditions signed an exclusive partnership with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, based in Ontario. The McMichael is a major public art gallery devoted to collecting the art of Canada. We sponsored two exhibits:

Tukillk: The Inukshuk and Inuit Art explores the many meanings and artistic interpretations of inuksuit (plural of Inukshuk) on Baffin Island.

Norman Hallendy (born 1932), Innunguaq at Itiliardjuk, Southwest Baffin Island, 1990, 35mm colour slides, The Norman Hallendy Collection.

Ivory, Bone, Antler and Horn: Masterworks of Inuit Sculpture exhibition showcases utilitarian and decorative Inuit carvings created from ivory, bone, antler and horn.

Alain Iyerak (born 1920), Caribou, c. 1975, antler with black coloured incising and stone

One Ocean Expeditions and the McMichael are also collaborating on an exclusive Arctic expedition voyage in 2019: South Baffin Explorer: Art, Culture & Wildlife – July 30th – August 9th, 2019. Guests will have a unique opportunity to travel to Cape Dorset, the ‘Capital of Inuit Art’, and learn about Inuit works from Dr. Nancy Campbell, guest curator of the gallery’s Inuit exhibitions, along with other knowledgeable OOE staff and guest speakers on board the voyage.

Our commitment to the Arctic is deeply rooted in northern community connections explored in the existing ‘Art in the Arctic’ program, where guests have the opportunity to learn and paint alongside leading Artists in Residence such as David McEown and explorer/filmmaker Cory Trepanier. OOE also hosts young artists from the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) onboard its Arctic voyages.

Cory Trepanier painting at Port Leopold. Image by Jeff Topham