Chef Diego Martin Espeche Interview

We were thrilled to see sous chef Diego Martin Espeche featured in Circuito Gastronomico. You can read the full article in Spanish here, otherwise, we have the translated version below.

The chef of the Polos that cooks in Salsipuedes (CORDOBA – ARGENTINA)

Diego Martin Espeche cooks on expeditions through the Arctic and the Antarctic. When he is not sailing, he is in charge of the kitchen of Mirá Silvina, in the Sierras Chicas.

Chef Diego Martin Espeche
Chef Diego Martin Espeche

The story of the chef Diego Martín Espeche is very particular.

Many will have tasted their dishes at Mirá Silvina, in Salsipuedes (CORDOBA – ARGENTINA), but what few know is that their other kitchen is on the waters and sails on expeditions through the Poles. And it is that the Cordovan works on the Akademik Ioffe. His beginnings in gastronomy were typical of a chef from Córdoba: he started in the traditional trattoria Il Gatto, as kitchen help. There he discovered his passion for cooking and began his studies at Celia School of Gastronomy. “I had the luck and joy of working in important restaurants in my city, I met people and friends that I currently have, two of the most important are Pablo Chavez and Gerardo Maniscalco,” says Diego. He eventually became the executive chef of a major firm, and his friend Gerardo offered to work with him on a cruise. Automatically he said yes and the ship turned out to be a research ship of Russian origin, not very large or with the appearance of a luxury cruiser, called Akademik Ioffe. This vessel is used for polar expeditions and moves through the Arctic, the Svalbard archipelago, Greenland, Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Orkney Islands.

“On the vessel, we make gastronomy from all over the world. They cook a lot of lamb, pork, German-type sausages, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine; also vegetarian and vegan dishes, “says the Cordovan chef.

Kitchen in the Sierras Chicas

The work on the Russian ship is seasonal. When Diego is not sailing he is in charge of the kitchen of a beautiful restaurant in Salsipuedes: Mirá Silvina. And this tells us: “I feel at home there. Marilén Debiasi is my boss and I consider her my friend, and she lets me work very happily. ”

In Mirá Silvina makes dishes with gourmet touches, but without losing the essence of country cooking. Everything that is made is homemade, from bread to jam. “Our customers are fascinated by the quality of our food and personalized attention. One dish that I really love doing is the roasted pork bondiola with mustard sauce, green pepper and slices of garlic; accompanied with vegetables sautéed with sage and chives, “says the chef.

The restaurant already has the new winter menu, where you can find lamb baked in mud, homemade pasta, an exquisite chicken crispy, coconut bavarois and many more delights.

“I can assure you that, in addition to enjoying an excellent lunch or dinner, you will be surprised by the magic that this place has with its viewpoint, nature and a lot of charm”, Diego closes.