Antarctic Season Ends With Ultimate Marine Mammals Experience

The end of the Antarctic season is close, but we still have one very exciting voyage left! Guests traveling on our ‘Marine Mammals of Antarctica’ trip are in for a treat as they will witness whale research with top marine biologists first-hand. We have designed an exceptional program on this annual voyage, with a strong focus on education and science. Passengers will travel alongside a group of accomplished marine scientists led by Dr. Ari Friedlaender. With the aim of achieving new findings, testing new technology and sharing educational opportunities and advancements, our guests will revel in the transformative beauty of the white continent during this 10-night voyage.

Ari Friedlaender following the first ever tagging of a minke whale. Marine Mammals
Ari Friedlaender following the first ever tagging of a minke whale. Photo credit: Steve Rose

The March 21st Marine Mammals voyage will be the final expedition of the 2018/2019 Antarctic season for RCGS Resolute, concluding her first season in Antarctica. On this voyage each year, Dr. Ari Friedlaender, Associate Researcher at UC Santa Cruz and Research Director for the California Ocean Alliance (COA), and his team of marine biologists continue their long-term research on whale behaviour in the Antarctic region. By analyzing non-invasive suction cup tag-derived data, the team is learning about how whales interact with their environment and how they are being affected by climate change.

Ari Friedlaender tagging a minke whale on marine mammals. Image Steve Rose
Ari Friedlaender tagging a minke whale. Image Steve Rose

A team of educators from Ocean First Education will be working with OOE, Dr. Friedlaender and Dr. Caroline Casey, Director of Education at COA. The Ocean First Education team will film the scientists collecting data in order to convey the important research being carried out. The videos created by Ocean First Education will contribute to the development of classroom curriculums and provide thought-provoking, engaging marine science courses to students around the globe.

For the first time ever, One Ocean Expeditions will be implementing satellite-based video conferencing technology through Connected North, a ground-breaking program that delivers virtual education to rural and remote indigenous communities. Alongside our long-term partner Ocean Wise who, with the realization of Cisco units on board our vessels, gives digital access to thousands of international students, mentors, teachers and other classrooms by way of virtual field trips and ‘Ocean Literacy’ sessions with experts.

Guests on the Marine Mammals voyage will also enjoy a special screening of the film ‘Map to Paradise’. This is Bluebottle Films’ official Antarctic continental premiere, after the world premiere that took place at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier this year. The film is a colourful collection of character-driven stories, conveying the quest of individuals, communities and nations as they strive to protect the last wild and pristine marine places on Earth.

The Map to Paradise – Trailer (2019) from Bluebottle Films on Vimeo.

A remarkable voyage offering a spectacular array of science and education, art, and a unique variety of guests. For more information about this itinerary click here.