Create your own wildlife documentary

In Antarctica and along Canada’s Atlantic Coast with wildlife documentary producers.

Stunning wildlife encounters in untouched and remote ecosystems provide an outstanding lifetime experience. When returning home from your trip of a lifetime to Antarctica, the Arctic or Canada’s Atlantic Coast with One Ocean Expeditions,  you’ll want to share your images and video from your vacation with family and friends, not to mention keep these travel impressions with you for years to come. So why not make your very own keepsake wildlife documentary?

Karen Bass and Neil Nightingale, renown wildlife documentary producers join One Ocean Expeditions experienced team in Antarctica in 2017 and Canada’s East Coast in 2018. In 20 days, Karen and Neil share their wildlife documentary knowledge and help guests to improve their visual storytelling skills through workshops. Both destinations are filled with natural wonders, historical milestones and a rich variety of wildlife encounters, providing stunning backdrops for a wildlife documentary.

The 19 night voyage ‘Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica’ takes guests to the snow covered white dessert with the most diverse ecosystem currently on the planet and South Georgia, holding the most wildlife per square meter.

Wildlife documentary
Expedition cruises with One Ocean Expeditions along Canada’s Atlantic Coast offer the exciting opportunity to travel from the cultural and historical rich regions of Canada’s Atlantic Coast all the way up to the Arctic. Along the way, UNESCO world heritage sites such as Gros Morne National Park, wild horses on Sable Island and the possibility to see polar bears and black bears the same day in Torngats National Park provide excellent conditions for your own wildlife documentary.


Sable Island and its wild horses provide excellent conditions for taking images.

Neil and Karen inspire guests in those remote regions to learn more how to create your own documentary. Karen is a television director and producer with passion for travel and natural history. In 20 years at the BBC’s Natural History Unit, she made wildlife films in almost every environment: form the rainforests of the Congo to the deserts of Libya, Syria and Jordan; from the icy peaks of the Andes to the swamps of the Amazon; from erupting volcanoes in the Caribbean to the extraordinary lives of crocodiles in Australia and South Africa. Karen will give talks, master classes and offer advice throughout the voyage, helping guests to create their own lasting souvenir of an amazing polar experience. Neil Nightingale has a 30 year career as a director, producer and executive in wildlife television. He now concentrates on innovative wildlife projects across a range of media, including films for the cinema, 3D giant screen films, live events, 4D experiences and immersive exhibitions. His latest film is Earth – One Amazing Day, an epic journey to experience the world’s wildlife wonders through a single day.

In addition to offering small group workshops designed to cater for complete novices, as well as those looking to improve their film making skills, the two natural history experts will spend quality time with guests over meals, at the bar, on zodiac journeys and on shore landings.

20 days are an ideal amount of time to spend on the small expeditions ships, learning more about the regions and document the journey through a different angle, encouraged by Karen and Neil. The itinerary ‘Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica’ lasts 19 nights and gives the opportunity, explore those regions in depth. To have the same experience along Canada’s Atlantic Coast, One Ocean Expeditions offers the opportunity, to combine voyages. Canada’s East Coast – Fins and Fiddles and Labrador and Torngat Explorer, two ten night voyages, can be booked together.
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Karen and Neil join One Ocean Expeditions guests on the following departures:
Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica: 18 October to 6 November 2017
Canada’s East Coast Fins & Fiddles: 14 to 24 July 2018 and Labrador & Torngat Explorer: 24 July to 3 August 2018.

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