A Typical Day Travelling Spitsbergen – Part 1

On an expedition cruise with One Ocean Expeditions

Our expedition days are surprisingly busy., and traveling Spitsbergen is no different. We plan a full program of activities, including off-ship excursions, educational presentations, meal times and other entertaining options. No two days are ever the same, but there are some things common to most days aboard.

Around 0700hrs, the Expedition Leader will make a short announcement over the public address system of the ship, informing you of the ship’s current location, heading, planned destination and importantly, the prevailing weather conditions outside. Early risers may have already been up on deck or ship’s bridge checking out the surroundings and enjoying the soft morning light. Others may have already completed a workout in the gym, enjoyed some yoga, or been mixing up a fresh fruit smoothie in the lounge to start the day.

The dining room is open for breakfast from around 0730 and you are invited at your leisure to come and enjoy a hearty breakfast. The Expedition Leader will inform you of the activities for the day announcing the locations we are planning to visit as well as timings for our shore visits.

Following breakfast you return to your cabin and start preparations for the morning excursion. Dress appropriately in your layers, grab your camera and shore bag and make your way to the expedition mudroom where you’ll put on your outer expedition gear, rubber boots and PFD (life jacket). Make your way to the gangway, down the stairs, into the zodiac and off you go – on another exciting excursion into the heart of the Arctic.

Off ship excursions may last for three or four hours. There are plenty of great options to choose from, or you might choose to sample ALL the activities we have planned. Yes, you can enjoy a walk on shore, spend some time with the naturalist guides observing the walrus haul-out, viewing colourful puffins as they come and go from the bird cliffs, AND enjoy a zodiac cruise around the icefloes. Or, you might like to stretch your legs on a hike across the tundra for several miles in the company of our adventure guides. The choice is yours.

Sometime around 1200 to 1230, we wind up the morning’s activities, make our way back to the landing site and return to the ship via zodiac. A delicious lunch awaits and you are invited to come and enjoy a range of tasty options in the dining room.

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