10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to South Georgia in Spring

Travel to South Georgia With One Ocean Expeditions

1) With the most wildlife per square meter in the world, South Georgia is known as the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean. During spring, wildlife starts to migrate and the breeding cycle for many species begins.

2) In spring, penguin rookeries with more than 100,000 birds are starting to nest in South Georgia. A spectacular event, watching king penguins carrying for each their young ones.

3) Enjoy sea kayaking with expert guides who have guided extensively in the Polar Regions. Sea Kayaking allows you to explore the beauty of South Georgia from a completely different angle.

Tavel to South Georgia

4) Be inspired by the impressive icy snow-covered backdrop of South Georgia’s untouched mountain ranges.

5) Join a photography symposium and learn from five different professional photographers, how to improve your camera skills to take breathtaking pictures of wildlife such as seabirds, seals, penguins, whales and much more.

6) Sir Ernest Shackleton is one of the most famous explorers in history. His quest to save his stranded crew led him over the mountain range of South Georgia, ending up in a whaling station in Grytviken where the expedition successfully ended. Now you can visit the local museum with historians as well as his and his right-hand man Frank Wild‘s grave, sharing a toast and paying respect to the explorers who have travelled before us.

Travel to South Georgia

7) One Ocean Expeditions offers an unprecedented 16-night expedition to South Georgia. This is the longest and most comprehensive option in the market and perfect for those wanting to spend time in South Georgia to explore the thrilling wildlife paradise.

Travel to South Georgia

8) One Ocean Expeditions works with the most prestigious wildlife guides and experts in the industry.

9) Spring marks the mating time of elephant seals in South Georgia. Don’t miss out on that spectacular event!

10) South Georgia is the breeding spot for the famous Albatross.

Travel to South Georgia

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