Marine Mammal Biologist Talks Science in Antarctica


Dr. Ari Friedlaender shares insights on his research on marine mammals in Antarctica

Today was a transformative experience for our research and one that validated the investment by One Ocean to support and promote whale research in the Antarctic. In the course of one afternoon, we were able to deploy 4 satellite-linked time-depth recording tags on Antarctic minke whales and collect 12 biopsy samples from the same species and humpback whales. The scientific value of the data from these tags and the information that will be gleaned from the samples cannot be overstated. Researchers from Oregon State University and the Australian Antarctic Division will analyze the data from these tags to understand the biology, movement patterns, behavior, and ecology of this poorly known whale species. In fact, these are the first ever tags deployed on the species in this region of the Antarctic and among the first regardless of the location.

This success would not be possible in any way without the logistic, intellectual, and material support by One Ocean Expeditions. Beginning with the decision to support research (Andrew Prossin and Aaron Lawton) and through the extraordinary foresight and leadership of the Expedition Leader (Boris Wise) and boat handling skills of the Adventure Concierge (Daniel Johnston) we were able to accomplish an extraordinary feat today. We hope that this significant accomplishment will provide evidence for how fruitful and unique this collaboration with One Ocean truly is.

This type of collaboration is also overwhelmingly positive for all of the passengers on board, who share in the amazing wildlife experiences, are witness to cutting-edge scientific research, and are provided with new information on the Antarctic ecosystem and the animals that make this environment unique. I cannot thank you enough for giving me, my colleagues, and my students the chance to conduct our research and share new information on One Ocean Expeditions. Your commitment is extraordinary and appreciated more than you know.

Thank you.

Ari Friedlaender

Ari S. Friedlaender, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Fisheries & Wildlife
Marine Mammal Institute
Oregon State University

Ari Friedlaender travels frequently with One Ocean Expeditions for research purposes in Antarctica.

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