Answers to the Can Geo Challenge Questions

We asked how many questions could you answer from the last Canadian Geographic final? Well done to everyone who attempted them! Here are the answers:

  • When the barometric pressure drops 28 millibars in 24 hours, the resulting storm is called?
      1. Weather bomb
      2. Wind chill
      3. Atlantic storm
      4. Hurricane

The answer is –  A. Weather bomb

  • This is one of the world’s warmest seas, growing as the Arabian and African tectonic plates drift apart.
      1. Labrador
      2. Black
      3. Red
      4. Beaufort

The answer is –  C. Red

  • What is a potential positive impact of climate change on Canada’s agricultural industry?
      1. Increasing foreign species on farmland
      2. Decreasing nutrient concentration in the soil
      3. Decreasing weight gain of livestock
      4. Increasing length of the growing season

The answer is –  D. Increasing length of the growing season

  • Which ocean current brings cold, dry air to the Atlantic coast, inflicting harsh winters on the Maritimes?
      1. Alaska
      2. Labrador
      3. Gulf Stream
      4. Baffin

The answer is –  B. Labrador

  • When sunlight is refracted by tiny ice crystals in high-altitude cirrus clouds, the result is a ring of coloured light. What is this ring better known as?
      1. Halo
      2. Sun dog
      3. Rainbow
      4. Sun cloud

The answer is –  A. Halo

  • What is the term for excessive nutrients added to estuaries and coastal waters?
      1. Ocean Acidification
      2. Hypoxia
      3. Algal bloom
      4. Eutrophication

The answer is –  D. Eutrophication

Can Geo Challenge winner William Chapman. Photo by Lindsay Ralph
Can Geo Challenge winner William Chapman. Photo by Lindsay Ralph

Congratulations to William Chapman, a grade 9 student from Ottawa, for claiming first place last year in the 2018 Canadian Geographic Challenge. We are looking forward to welcoming him and the other finalists onboard our Canada’s East Coast – Fins & Fiddles voyage soon!