Who Are Our Expedition Leaders?

Meet Kaylan, one of our experienced Expedition Leaders.

Kaylan was first introduced to One Ocean Expedition while she was working at a local cafe in Squamish, where the OOE shore office is located. She was slinging coffee when she struck up a conversation with the owner of our company. He was impressed by her experience, gusto and thirst for adventure and offered her a job. Kaylan had always wanted to experience the Canadian Arctic so she started her first Arctic season in 2014 as a bartender. It was quickly apparent that with her wealth of knowledge and experience she would be better suited as a program coordinator, and she continued working onboard as such until 2018 when she became an Expedition Leader. Kaylan ensures that all operations run smoothly onboard RCGS Resolute. Her tasks range from analyzing and recording weather and environmental conditions to organizing and managing excursions accordingly.

When asked to share some of her favourite moments working with OOE this is what she shared:

My first time on the ship, travelling to Baffin Island changed my life. It was so far outside of my comfort zone. It was so relentless yet awe-inspiring, exhausting and expansive. I was so blown away by so many new experiences that I realized not just what I wanted to do, but who I wanted to be. And the vastness and resiliency of the Arctic drove home a perspective unlike I’ve experienced before. I realized the discomfort of life changes are fleeting, but the impacts are lasting. I committed to returning to this work and to help deliver experiences for people in nature that can shift perspective and open new possibilities. 

I had a morning encounter with a leopard seal one day. He was young and awkward and hunting penguins poorly. We had landed on Jougla Point and had spread out between the gentoos and the whale bones. I was in the shallows, taking a picture of the penguins, when I saw him across the bay. He saw me too. We watched each other as he slowly moved towards me. He stopped before my feet and gave me an inquisitive sniff. Instinct took over and I stepped backwards, which caused him to simply lose interest and glide away. But for a moment I really wasn’t sure what to expect from him. I was simultaneously terrified and delighted by his interest in me. 

Stalking leopard seal. Photo by Kaylan Worsnop

We were zodiac cruising one morning in Charlotte Bay, a group of humpback whales were feeding nearby. A sudden loud splashing noise caught my attention and I managed to watch the very end of a humpback whale breaching. That’s pretty exciting on its own. But then the whale appeared again, launching and spinning and crashing back in the water. I watched the whole motion, beautiful and effortless. Then it happened again, and again, and again. I don’t know how much time passed, likely 30 minutes that felt like 5. But the whale must have breached close to 30 times before finally moving on. When the moment was over, I felt so full and so small.

Interested in traveling to remote destinations or travelling on board with Kaylan? speak to your preferred travel agent, or contact us directly here.