What is An Expedition Leader?

One Ocean Expedition is thankful to have a fantastic team working on board our flagship vessel RCGS Resolute. Each role is quite specific and is designed so that all operations on board run smoothly, ensuring the best time for our guests. An important role is that of the Expedition Leader. The primary role of an expedition leader is to manage all of the OOE staff on the ship. They call the shots in conjunction with the Captain of the vessel on when and where to run excursions.

An expedition leader helping a passenger out of a zodiac.
An expedition leader helping a passenger out of a zodiac. Photo by Roger Pimenta

The day to day of an expedition leader goes something like this:

  • Early morning start on the bridge to check and record weather and environmental conditions with the bridge crew and captain. 
  • They will then make a wake-up call for the passengers along with some daily information over the intercom.
  • They then have a daily meeting with the rest of the OOE staff. This meeting goes over the run-down of the day and the daily tasks of each individual.
  • The first excursion of the morning will proceed weather permitting. The Expedition Leader will be on the first zodiac out, to assess the environment and make the first landing. They will ensure that the landing is safe for passengers.
  • Once the passenger zodiacs join onshore, the Expedition Leader briefs the groups about the site and the possible options to explore the area.
  • They will supervise the entire excursion, delegating and managing the staff and guests while keeping a lookout for wildlife and changing weather conditions.
  • Once back on board the vessel, they will organize the logistics for the second excursion to happen after lunch, which will happen similarly to the first.
  • During the happy hour after the second excursion, the expedition leader will give a daily recap presentation and talk about the possible excursions for the following day, weather permitting.
  • In the evenings, their day is not over. They manage staff requests, conduct administrative work and plan ahead for the following day’s excursion.

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