Accredited University Geography Program Announced

One Ocean Expeditions’ investment in education has been a priority since our inception over a decade ago. We are thrilled to launch an innovative post-secondary geography field course in partnership with the University of Waterloo. The 3-year pilot project program, which the University of Ottawa will be joining in 2020, focuses on practical learning that introduces students to notable geographic areas and communities in the Canadian Arctic allowing them to study on-site in real time.

The program supports our core mandate to provide immersive and experiential educational programming. We have long since believed that by hosting world-renowned experts, educators and students alike, guests benefit greatly from the interaction, conversations and collaboration in destination.

Leading ornithologist Tony Beck. Image: Ben Haggar

“Being able to increase the accessibility of field school education is a point of pride for OOE,” explains General Manager Catherine Lawton. “By backing these programs students are able to travel to remote and fragile regions not only to study them, but to share their knowledge and passion with our guests. This inspires learning experiences for all onboard that, in turn, create ambassadors for the region.”

Guests looking at water samples onboard. Image: Josh McGarel

With a focus on learning first-hand about the Canadian Arctic, students study a variety of areas including physical geography (land masses, ice formations), human geography (settlement patterns, food and diet, social issues), wildlife and glaciology. Over the course of the 3-year program, itineraries and curriculum are being developed by Instructors Dr. Christine Dow, the Canada Research Chair in Glacier Hydrology and Ice Dynamics, University of Waterloo and Dr. Natalie Carter.

Along with the development of the field school program, We have implemented a satellite-based video conferencing technology that delivers virtual education to students across the world. In partnership with Connected North and Ocean Wise, the ‘CISCO’ unit has successfully completed several broadcasts from remote regions, such as Antarctica, directly into classrooms around the globe.

We are also a proud long-term partner of the CanGeo Challenge, a yearly event that sees thousands of students compete in a test of geographic knowledge. Each of the five finalists receives a berth on our ‘Fins and Fiddles’ voyage, which takes the students on an exploration of Canada’s East Coast, experiencing Canadian geography first-hand.

Can Geo Challenge Final

After announcing a partnership with the Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut (RPAN) in 2017, we continue to work with the organization in their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for communities in Nunavut through recreation. This summer will see the arrival of a floor curling set, donated by OOE and brought to Nunavut on the Baffin Island and Greenland Explorer voyage by Olympic curler Jill Officer.

One Ocean Expeditions is proud to facilitate world-leading research and education with partners such as Ocean Wise, Oceanites, California Ocean Alliance, South Georgia Heritage Trust and the Scott Polar Research Institute.