2021 Travel Destinations – New Dates and Itineraries

We are delighted to present to you the voyage schedule for the Arctic departures and the Voyages of Discovery of 2021. With voyages in Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Spitsbergen, the East Coast of Canada and the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, you can journey from south to north onboard our flagship vessel, RCGS Resolute.  

Travel destinations Costa Rica and Panama
Costa Rica, after visiting Manuel Antonio National Park Photo by Jason Ransom

Following the successes of the  South & Central America and Islands of the North Atlantic voyages, we have further refined the programming and now refer to these as our ‘Voyages of Discovery’. The increasingly popular Canadian Signature Experience ‘Fins & Fiddles’ along Canada’s East Coast returns, followed by the stunning ‘Journey to the North’ voyage through Labrador, the Torngat Mountains and Greenland. 

On the 2019 golf trips to Scotland and Ireland and Canada’s East Coast, our guests experienced first-hand the immersive activity options across both destinations for those interested in exploring the regions. As a result, we have developed an enhanced non-golfing program on both of these itineraries. The new ‘explorer’ non-golfer program will run parallel to the golfing component and includes plenty to keep the golfer and non-golfer alike occupied, from UNESCO world heritage sites, distillery tours, wildlife watching to stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and cycling. In addition, we have extended both golf voyages by one day to allow for extra time to explore the regions.

Travel Destinations Scotland and Ireland
The moody, breathtaking landscapes of Scotland. Photo by Dave Brosha

Voyages through Spitsbergen in the Norwegian Arctic and the iconic Northwest Passage sailing between Kangerlussuaq and Cambridge Bay are sure to be popular with Arctic enthusiasts. These voyages are gems for history buffs and wildlife enthusiasts, with visits to many fascinating historical sites, Zodiac cruises through hard-to-access bays and cultural stops in remote Inuit communities. 

Travel destinations the fjords and coast of Chile.
The windblown fjords of Chile. Photo by Jason Ransom

Our custom-tailored ‘One Lab’ has proven to be an important element of onboard education and we will continue to provide the opportunity for guests to travel alongside scientists as they are educated on progressive research initiatives. The ‘One Lab’ allows us to operate and support ongoing, nationally accredited science and outreach programs – helping us stay true to our commitment to ocean health.

Here at One Ocean Expeditions, we strive to create itineraries that peak all interests and appeal to those with a thirst for adventure and exploration. Should any of these new itineraries be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you are as excited as us for what we think is our best selection of voyages yet.