Glenn Stein: Discovering ‘Something Within’ During an Antarctic Voyage

Travelling in the Antarctic is something that most only dream about and in the last 10 years, One Ocean Expeditions has been making these dreams a reality.

We do this by providing the ultimate connection between people, nature and discovery when it comes to not only the Antarctic, but the Arctic and Canadian East Coast as well.

Imagine waking up after a soundless sleep and peering out your porthole to the towering sight of picture perfect icebergs. Standing in awe of their tremendous size, and seeing that true-blue colour that you’re sure only existed in the movies. It’s a powerful feeling.

Now imagine taking a zodiac ashore in the remote island of South Georgia. Upon landing, you soon become overjoyed with the king penguin welcoming committee which could be curious to see you, or carry on with regular-life as if you’re not even present. Your close encounters of which can only be described by the everlasting smile on your face, knowing that only few on this planet are so lucky to experience.

The voyage through the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica is not only a journey for discovering all the beauty that you expected to find, it’s discovering what you didn’t think you would. For Glenn M. Stein, polar and maritime historian, speaker and author, this is exactly what happened.

“In connecting with David McEown (photographed), Glenn was inspired to pick up a pencil and once again let his drawings come to life in the form of wildlife and the dramatic landscape.”

Combining Historic Footsteps with Artistic Expressions

As our expert in the field and regular One Ocean Expeditions staff member, Glenn Stein enjoys these encounters from both on an historic level, and now on an artistic one. Glenn’s knowledge onboard our voyages provides insight to historic connections so you can journey through time as you admire the sights as they are now – which can often be had if you join him on his historic hikes onshore, or during zodiac excursions. Onboard you can join Glenn on the bridge during his watch, in the dining room and through small numbered interactions to engage in more of a one-on-one conversation – a unique offering by One Ocean Expeditions due to our small passenger numbers.

Blame it on the beautiful scenery, or disconnection with society and the reconnection with nature – but it was on a voyage that he took earlier this year with Artist in the Residence, David McEown, where Glenn decided to reunite his soul with another hidden talent: drawing.

Many of you may not have known, but Glenn started drawing editorial cartoons and illustrations years ago for the Orlando Business Journal, and later several other newspapers as a Florida native. As you can see from his drawings, the destination inspired ‘something within’ and was an outlet he’d not often indulged in while onboard.

Glenn Stein, FRGS, FRCGS
Glenn M. Stein, FRGS, FRCGS






Your Journey to Self-Discovery
It’s hard to describe what you will experience onboard a voyage with One Ocean Expeditions, as the impact it has can be different for everyone. Whether you find yourself writing journals, poetry or emerging yourself in photography, painting, singing or dancing – one thing is for certain, the vast landscapes and connections you have on your journey is sure to rekindle some fire within that you never knew was possible.

VoyagesGlenn M. Stein, FRGS, FRCGS is a native Floridian, and has researched maritime and polar history since 1975, regularly publishing in journals, magazines, and online. Glenn is also the author of, Discovering the North-West Passage: The Four-Year Arctic Odyssey of H.M.S. Investigator and the McClure Expedition.  He is also a life time member of the American Polar Society and a regular special guest aboard One Ocean Expeditions, assisting guests in discovering the historic past in the destinations they’re visiting, and offering a step back through time on several of One Ocean Expedition’s daily activities.

VoyagesDavid McEown, Artist in Residence
For half a decade, David has played an integral part in the Artist in Residence role with One Ocean Expeditions. As a landscape and wildlife artist David shares his knowledge about the medium of watercolour he gathered for the past 25 years, exploring and expressing many of this earth’s disappearing wilderness areas. His paintings from Antarctica to the North Pole are represented in collections worldwide.

Travel with Glenn Stein:
October 18 – November 06, 2017: Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica
November 06 – November 18, 2017: Antarctica ‘Off the Beaten Track’
February 20 – March 03, 2018: Antarctica ‘Deep South’.

Travel with David McEown:
October 21 – November 04, 2017: South Georgia in Depth
November 06 – November 18, 2017: Antarctica ‘Off the Beaten Track’

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