Falcon Scott is joining One Ocean Expeditions as a guest speaker.

How his spirit of exploration lead to Antarctica

The spirit of exploration is an incredible powerful tool to inspire people all over the world to travel. For Falcon Scott, it means travelling to Antarctica.

More than a century ago, the famous polar explorer Robert Scott, and the adventurous photographer Herbert Ponting, set sail for the Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica. For Robert Scott, the expedition was an important milestone in the history of polar exploration; for Ponting it was an opportunity to be the first professional photographer in Antarctica.

This season, Robert Scott’s grandson Falcon is travelling to Antarctica with One Ocean Expeditions – for the first time – along with an exclusive travel exhibit of Ponting’s prints, which showcase the harsh environment those early explorers had to survive in.

Robert Falcon Scott was a British Royal Navy officer, who travelled twice to Antarctica: in 1901 – 1904 and from 1910 – 1913. His credits in the Royal Navy gained him access to lead the popular expedition to place the British flag on the south pole.

The photographs taken by Herbert Ponting during the British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition, 1910-1913, are one of the most famous and compelling visual records in the history of exploration. Thanks to a collaboration between the Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge) and Salto Ulbeek publishers, a selection of Herbert Ponting’s Antarctic photographs are presented for the first time using the platinum printing process, a photographic technique renowned for its exceptional aesthetic and archival properties.

A selection of those images are displayed onboard One Ocean Expeditions’ vessels and will give guests a deeper understanding of the daily life of this early expedition.

Falcon Scott is another unique source of knowledge around this fabled expedition, telling stories about his ancestor sparked with personal anecdotes. Falcon’s way to Antarctica took many turns before he finally arrived himself.  Starting his career in architecture and focusing on building with natural elements, Falcon developed a passion for sculptures and paintings over the years.

His exploration of innovative building procedures and interest in family history led Falcon to the Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans, his grandfathers original shelter, to work as a Heritage Carpenter for the NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust in 2012. His stay truly inspired Falcon in an artistic way but also to learn more about his ancestor. Since then, Falcon has travelled eight times to the white continent.

For the first time, Falcon will be travelling with the art exhibit of Ponting’s prints, exclusive to OOE. The exhibit will allow Falcon to talk with guests about his grandfather’s last expedition in a visual way. Falcon will also be using his incredible painting skills to share his impressions of Antarctica: “Most of the things I do are self-taught, and I passionately believe everyone should do a lot of self-teaching”. Guests will have the privilege to learn more from Falcon when travelling with him.

Falcon Scott
A passion for architecture and art took him into building unusual and creative projects in the domestic sector and building many unique houses, a vocation he still loves to indulge in. In 2012 Falcon joined the international team to work as a Heritage Carpenter on the conservation of his grandfather’s iconic Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans for the NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust. The experience was deeply moving for him, and re-vitalised his interest in the family connection to Antarctica. The beauty of Antarctica has inspired him to develop his artistic flair and he now loves to paint the wildlife and landscapes.

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