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Cruising, Golfing and Exploring Eastern Canada

On a sunny summer day in Inverness, Nova Scotia, a few brave souls venture into the chilly Atlantic. But much of the action is on shore… READ MORE

 The Health Journals, September 2019


Sign On for a Dream Golf Cruise to Scotland and Ireland

Funny to think that I never used to like ocean cruise. Now I’m hooked after dropping anchor at Royal Dornach… READ MORE

 Canadian Golf Traveller, August 2019


A Golf Expedition on the High Seas

Zipping across the brisk waters of the North Atlantic toward Scotland’s craggy Kintyre peninsula on a sleek, black Zodiac… READ MORE

 SnowMAG, August 2019


Vancouver Sun article

Fins, Fiddles and Family Fun

Three generations on an expedition cruise in Atlantic Canada search for music, whales, wild horses and maritime adventure. READ MORE

 Vancouver Sun, August 2019


Cambridge Bay Inuit GuidesCambridge Bay Couple Brings Crucial Knowledge

As the RCGS Resolute sails out of Frobisher Bay, Candice Pederson stands in front of the crowd… READ MORE

 Nunatsiaq News, August 2019



Sable Island article

Port of Call: Sable Island

Bald dune isn’t very high, but our feet sink into its shifting white sands, slowing our… READ MORE

 Pique Newsmagazine, August 2019



Post Media article

Antarctica: Go For The Cute

Penguins and Unspoiled Beauty

‘Drake Shake’ is real and has nothing to do with Raptors ambassador… READ MORE

                                                       Post Media, June 2019


Globe Guide websiteCruising the Caribbean:  Sailing Through Central America with One Ocean Expeditions

Scanning the parking lot just outside the gates of the old town in Cartagena, Columbia… READ MORE

Globe Guide, June 2019

Discover Amazing Golf Courses and Stunning Islands on Canada’s East Coast

Travel with One Ocean Expeditions on a sailing tour of Canada’s East Coast for some great golf experiences… READ MORE

WestJet Magazine, May 2019


Welcome to Expedition Golf

Beach landing in a zodiac, seawater spray on your nine-iron and some of the best courses… READ MORE

Canadian Geographic Travel, May 2019


Poles Apart

Ice and isolation. Mystique and magnificence. The polar regions are precious sentinels to… READ MORE

Vacation & Travel, January 2018



Recap of 2018-2019 Antarctic Expedition Cruise Season

With the final voyage of the 2018-2019 Antarctic expedition cruise season complete… READ MORE

Global Cruise News, April 2019



Attraction Polaire

Jadis réservés aux explorateurs, l’Antarctique et ses archipels READ MORE

Nord Litterol, March 2019




In-Depth South Georgia Expedition Cruises Attract ‘Seen It All’ Adventures

One Ocean Expeditions continues to evolve the exploration, study and education of the polar regions READ MORE

Drift Magazine, February 2019




Gear Review: MEC Outfits the Nova Zembla Expedition

Matthew Ayre and Michael Moloney review the MEC items that helped them discover the whaling vessel wreck in the High Arctic. READ MORE

Canadian Geographic, November 2018


Guests photographing a minke whale on a Zodiac excursion.

Photography Symposium Shines Bright Light on Antarctica

One Ocean Expeditions begins its 2018-2019 Antarctic season with every photographer’s dream voyage to the white continent… READ MORE

Drift Travel, January 2019


To the End of the Earth: Sun Devils Study Abroad in Antarctica

ASU crew embarked on a learning adventure that only four US universities ever have- and what a cool time they had READ MORE 


Beachwood Man’s Shower Shabbos Expeditions Visits Antarctica

The word’s ‘frozen chosen’ might have new meaning to Rabbi Daniel Elf of Beachwood READ MORE

Cleveland Jewish News, Jane Kaufman, December 28, 2018



Wander Woman: 7 incredible natural wonders – how many have you seen?

Dazzled by her umpteenth sighting of the Northern Lights, Wanderlust’s editor-at-large Phoebe Smith, reflects on why natural spectacles  READ MORE

Wanderlust, Phoebe Smith, December 7, 2018

Antarctic Dreaming.

Taking the polar plunge and spending a night on ice are just two highlights of a 10-night cruise in one of the last truly wild places on Earth. READ MORE

Cruise Passenger, Jocelyn Pride, September 13, 2017


Olympians’ dream voyage to the Arctic aims to inspire youth to pursue their own dreams.

National Post, Lisa Monforton, August 19, 2017




One Ocean Expeditions newsOne Ocean Expeditions expands Fleet with RCGS Resolute
The new ice-strengthened ship will start service in November 2018. READ MORE

Canadian Geographic, Sabrina Doyle, July 31, 2017



NewsCounting Penguins: What Penguins In Antarctica Might Be Telling Us About Climate Change
NBC News’ Harry Smith journeys to Antarctica to talk with scientists and experts about what signs penguins might be giving us about climate change. WATCH VIDEO

NBC News, Megyn Kelly, June 26, 2017

Canada’s Magical Maritimes
How do I begin to tell the tale of this ambitious, East Coast adventure — where every single salty day at sea dishes a trip-of-a-lifetime? READ MORE

Toque and Canoe, Kim Gray, March 30, 2017



Newspaper article about the famous Northwest Passage, operated by polar cruise expert One Ocean Expeditions.Journey Across the Top of the World
With a plodding movement that’s lumbering and elegant all at once, the polar bear traces its way down a finger of partially submerged land, its nose in the air, the late afternoon light shimmering off the wet stones beneath its massive paws. READ MORE

Destinations Magazine, Nick Walton, January 27, 2017

One Ocean Expeditions partners with Royal Canadian Geographical Society One Ocean Expeditions partners with Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Squamish-based One Ocean Expeditions is joining forces with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to research and explore one of the coldest places on earth. READ MORE

The Squamish Chief, Michaela Garstin, November 30, 2016


Globe and Mail article about an expedition cruise to South Georgia, written by Tim Johnson.

In the land of kings
Hidden behind a wall of almost impenetrable fog near the bottom of the world, South Georgia Island teems with millions of penguins, albatrosses and seals, and serves as the final resting place for one of the most daring explorers of all time. READ MORE

The Globe and Mail, Tim Johnson, November 24, 2016


screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-8-36-52-amFirst Tracks
The untouched mountains and glaciers of Antarctica are the ne plus ultra of skiing. READ MORE

Bombardier, Andrew Findlay, Bombardier Business Aircraft Magazine, November 2016



Expedition ship is sailing through the northwest passage.


Faszination Kanada: Die Arktis – Expedition in die Nordwestpassage / Fascination Canada: The Arctic – Expedition through the Northwest Passage. READ MORE

Karl Teuschl, 3Sat, 2015, Germany


Article about expedition cruise of One Ocean Expeditions.A voyage for the soul
One of the most isolated places on Earth, South Georgia o ers unique opportunities to experience the sub-Antarctic and meet curious wild life. READ MORE

Jocelyn Pride, November 30, 2016


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