A Compass Rose departure

One Ocean Expeditions and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society are exclusive marine travel partners.

Born of a joint commitment to continue sharing Canada with the world, this historic partnership was established with the goal to expand our capacity to experience and share geography, culture, and education across Canada. As part of this unique partnership, we offer ‘Compass Rose Portfolio’ speciality departures with dedicated The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) programming featured onboard. Compass Rose expeditions offer the opportunity to travel alongside RCGS Fellows and special guests, Explorers-in-Residence, geography specialists, and notable speakers.

We are honoured to host key Fellows of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society on these departures who, as experts in their field, share their unparalleled knowledge and achievements in geography and exploration. Speciality programming includes presentations, fireside chats, and trivia nights hosted by RCGS Fellows. Enjoy one-on-one discussions with specialists in their field, supporting your individual interests and experiences amongst new friends and family. Other perks from travelling on a Compass Rose voyage includes a welcome basket, a cocktail and canape reception, and a 1-year subscription to Canadian Geographic magazine.

Travel Alongside RCGS Fellows

When booking a Compass Rose voyage, you will travel with Fellows of The RCGS, Explorers-in-Residence and world-renowned photographers. Each partnered voyage is unique, but the role of the Fellows-on-Board follows along a similar vein. We invite Fellows on board to enhance the guest experience through lectures, readings and workshops at which they can introduce more people to The RCGS, create a better understanding of the Society’s purpose and to create relationships with key trip participants whose interests align with the Society. Here are some of the activities you can expect from the Fellows-on-Board:

  • Opening remarks on the first morning
  • Full presentation during the voyage
  • Material provided for the end of voyage silent auction if possible
  • Additional presentations throughout the voyage

Some of the Fellows we have hosted on board in the recent past include Michael Cooke, Neil Steinburg, Jill Heinerth, George Kourounis and Jacqueline Windh.

John Geiger RCGSJohn Geiger, Chief Executive Officer of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic Enterprises has also joined us on board to enhance the guest experience. As CEO, John leads the organization, overseeing all operations, and in conjunction with the Board provides strategic direction. He is the international bestselling author of seven books, including Frozen In Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition, The Third Man Factor: Surviving the Impossible, and most recently Franklin’s Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of HMS Erebus. His work has been translated into fourteen languages. John has lectured widely, including at the Bristol Festival of Ideas, Edinburgh Book Festival, IdeaCity, Canada Club, London, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, Explorers Club, N.Y. and Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine, University College, London. In 2014, he presented the Roald Amundsen Memorial Lecture, Fram Museum, Oslo. He has been featured in major documentary films including ‘Arctic Ghost Ship’ on PBS Nova, ‘The Angel Effect’ on National Geographic Channel’s Explorer, and ‘Flicker’ on Bravo. In 2015 John received the Polar Medal.

“The RCGS and One Ocean Expeditions are organizations that independently make a positive difference with respect to exploration, research, adventure and education, all in the context of conservation. Working together, we are achieving even more. I am very proud of the partnership The RCGS has with One Ocean Expeditions, a global leader in expeditionary travel, and a company dedicated to advancing knowledge about our geography and environment in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as new destinations including Chile, Central America and Scotland. I am also particularly proud of RCGS Resolute, a ship with exploration in her DNA, and a magnificent base from which to embark on your own explorations of the world.”
– John Geiger, CEO of The RCGS

The beginning

In 2014, One Ocean Expeditions joined The Royal Canadian Geographical Society as a partner in the Parks Canada led Victoria Strait Expedition, contributing our vessel to an undertaking that resulted in the discovery of Franklin’s long-missing HMS Erebus. It had been resting on the ocean floor in near perfect condition for over 160 years. Subsequently, the HMS Terror was found two years later..

Travel with purpose

When choosing to travel on a Compass Rose voyage, a percentage of your voyage fare goes directly to The RCGS to support their vital programs, including Canadian Geographic Education, the Can Geo Talks series, and grants for exploration and field research – furthering geographic literacy across Canada.

Take a look at our dates and rates and look for the Compass Rose icon:


Marine Mammals of Antarctica

8 – 18 March 2020

WhalewatchingPhoto by Daisy Gilardini

This unique voyage is the ultimate wildlife viewing expedition. March is a transitionary month in Antarctica offering an incredible opportunity for wildlife activity. Penguin chicks shed their downy coats in approach to the winter months, and whales can be seen in record numbers as they replenish themselves for their next journey. Join the marine mammal scientists from California Ocean Alliance on board as they perform cutting edge research, tagging and tracking migrating whales. For more information click HERE.

Chilean Fjords Adventure

28 March – 10 April 2020

Chilean FjordsPhoto by Jeff Topham

Discover the dramatic fjords and stunning glaciers that make up the coastal landscapes of Southern Chile. In addition to the stunning backdrop, learn from our expert staff about the unique glaciology and geology of the region. Experience the local culture that is rich in history and colour, by exploring markets and towns along the way. Remote, rugged and beautiful, these landscapes are sure to take your breath away. For more information click HERE

Central America Adventure – Costa   Rica and the Panama Canal

20 – 29 April 2020

Costa RicaPhoto by Ken Burton

An expedition to Costs Rica and Panama offers warmer waters, lush vegetation and exotic wildlife. Paddleboard with sea turtles, see sloths up close and swim with rainbows of fish. This voyage is the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, culture and history travelling along the coast of Costa Rica and on through the eighth wonder of the world – the Panama Canal. For more information click HERE.

Scotland, Faroe Islands and Iceland with RCGS Explorer-in-Residence George Kourounis

13 – 24 June 2020

Photo by Dave Brosha

The history of these regions takes guests back to a land of Vikings and Gaels. Explore the remote islands of the North Atlantic with a range of shore excursions, zodiac cruising, and fascinating talks with our onboard experts and guides. Discover the rugged landscapes, grandiose cliffs, the lush green hills and crashing waves that make up these iconic panoramas, that will be sure to leave a lasting impression for years to come. For more information click HERE.

Classic NWP and Greenland – East with RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth

30 Aug – 11 September 2020

NWPassagePhoto by Dave Sanford

Following in the path of the legendary early Arctic explorers as we journey through the archipelago of islands and channels of Canada’s high Arctic. This breathtaking 12-day journey is the perfect blend of wildlife, history, culture and scenery. Visit numerous locations of huge significance to the spirit of exploration and Canadian history, and experience incredible wildlife on this iconic voyage. A highlight for many will be a visit to remote Beechey Island, the final resting place of several men from Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in the 1840s. For more information click HERE.

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