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Experience the expedition cruising world with One Ocean Expeditions 

One Ocean Expeditions' and Royal Canadian Geographical Society's Partnership
One Ocean Expeditions’ and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Partnership


Passengers enjoy the view of the Arctic on an expedition cruise vessel

Arctic Adventures with One Ocean Expeditions



Sea kayaking in the polar regions with One Ocean Expeditions

Sea Kayaking with One Ocean Expeditions



Vessels: One Ocean Navigator – Ioffe and One Ocean Voyager – Vavilov



One Ocean Expeditions’ Philosophy



One Ocean Expeditions-4279

One Ocean Expeditions in the Arctic



Image by Ron Clifford
Image by Ron Clifford

One Ocean Expeditions in Antarctica




Image by Willy Waterton
Image by Willy Waterton

One Ocean Expeditions Guiding and Educational Program




Image by Nathan Small
Image by Nathan Small

Photography with One Ocean Expeditions




Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic Peninsula

Hospitality with One Ocean Expeditions




Shore Excursions with One Ocean Expeditions



ANT 12-13 OOE Kayaks-0494

Whale Watching with One Ocean Expeditions



Image by Renato Granieri
Image by Renato Granieri

Science with One Ocean Expeditions




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